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Efficient land administration through innovative technologies and services

Innola Solutions is a company established by a group of land administration experts with worldwide practical experience and talented software developers of unique skillsets and knowledge. At Innola Solutions we are consulting and development center of innovative land administration solutions for different types of customers, fostering collaboration between open source and commercial software for land registration, cadastre and other property management aspects.


Our Services


One of the key challenges for successful land administration we have learned worldwide is the process of building a sustainable IT infrastructure. After implementing dozens of projects of different scales, we are ready to share our knowledge and assist customers in the identification of their real needs and elaboration of the most efficient strategy for building up reasonable IT infrastructure.

 With our domain expertise, focused primarily on the land administration sector and aligned with agile software development practices and modern technologies, we provide a specific range of professional consulting services to analyze, build and support land administration systems worldwide.




Innola is a modern, fully web-based professional open software framework for registering, managing and distributing real property objects and related data.

The system is built utilizing many years of practical international experience in designing, developing and delivering computerized land administration systems. Innola has been designed and developed to address the key needs and concerns of all land administration stakeholders, such as decision makers, business and administrative managers, clerks, customers, IT system administrators and analysts – by providing an optimal balance between system functionality, ease of use, configurability and customization.

Cadastre/GIS Data Management

By default, system integrated with GeoServer built on PostgreSQL/PostGIS for spatial data manipulation and rendering.

Upon request, the system can be easily configured to store data in any other OGC compliant system (e.g. CartoDB®, ESRI ArcGIS®), so that you can select environment suitable for your particular preferences and needs.

Title and Deeds Registration

Fast and secure data processing with standard or custom built modules and interfaces, controlled by pre-configured workflows and rich set of the extendable rules. Out of the box configuration allows performing title registration or deeds recording or both altogether adopting to the operational work processes of the organizations supporting system transitional transformations.


Public Portal & Services

The system supports e-conveyancing with remote submission of applications for registered or public users. Upon any transaction initiated or committed the applicants and owners might be notified via sms and email. read-only Public or authorized access to the recorded data is featuring a drill-down navigation to perform party, property, interest and document searches and analysis.

Document Management

Associated documents are stored in the electronic archive and linked to the transaction or the interests and easily accessible during search and review. When required, Innola can be optionally integrated with content management systems (like Alfresco, EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, Microsoft SharePoint etc.) using CMIS compatible API.

Innola Features:

  • Based on FLOSS components with flexible scalability and no license or royalty payments 
  • Adheres to international standards (LADM ISO 19152/2012) and extendable to cover key aspects of land administration 
  • Includes BPMN 2.0 compatible workflow management engine, seamlessly integrated into the system to ensure that every transactions follows strict pre-defined process
  • Business rules engine with adjustable rules controlling legal and technical aspects of the system behavior to enforce data verification, integrity and validation
  • Configurable web-based client modules (HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript) 
  • Notification of the stakeholders with sms and email on status of the applications and properties
  • Interoperability functionality for integration and data exchange with external systems (of tax authorities and other governmental institutions, notaries, banks and professional societies)
  • Integration with blockchain platforms (e.g. Factom) to bring the security of your data to the next level
  • Dashboard control of the staff operations and performance
  • Various reports generation and management
  • Localization kit to enable easy translation into any required local language without need to recompile application
  • Customizable and extendable with integrated specific client applications and additional data sources


About Us


Our organizational and management capacities are built around strong executive level project management experience. Our principals brought into the team multi-years management and successful project implementation in various countries – Armenia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, USA, Jamaica, Bahamas, Nicaragua, Egypt, Qatar, Pakistan, Zambia, Uganda, Nigeria, Puerto Rico – working for the clients such as USAID, World Bank, MCC and numerous public and private sector organizations.

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